Increasing Demand for Alternative Proteins Leads to Cargill’s New Crave House™ Brand

Consumers are seeking alternative proteins, and Cargill’s Crave House™ is here to deliver on the demand. 

There are always new food trends lingering on the horizon. Cargill anticipates and adapts to the trends likely to shape the landscape of the food industry, which results in customer-oriented innovation and solutions.

One trend that continues to be on Cargill’s radar: alternative proteins.
Under the umbrella of alternative proteins, there are ample options for the consumer, including blends, plant-based and cell-based solutions.

This range of alternatives has translated into a growing share of the market – a trend that isn’t likely to fade anytime soon. By 2030, the alternative protein market could reach $85 billion.¹

Plant power
While there are many alternative protein products available, consumers are increasingly drawn toward plant-based alternatives.

People are becoming more health-conscious, and they see plant-based proteins as a solution. To put it in perspective, roughly two in three consumers eat plant-based products and almost one-quarter say they’re eating and drinking more plant-based products than they were a year ago.²

The well-being of the planet has also come to be top of mind. Today, the consumer is more aware of ecological impacts and the sustainability of industrial food. With the knowledge and perspectives they hold, 73% of consumers say they make food purchase decisions based upon concern for environmental and social well-being.³

Even with consumers trying more plant-based proteins, attachment to red meat hasn’t come to a halt. People recognize the importance of incorporating protein – both animal and plant-based – in their diet and have come to adopt the flexitarian diet.

The consumer wants a combination. After conducting extensive proprietary research to gain insight on the consumer, Cargill found that today’s protein-buying decisions are a “yes, and” rather than an “either or” proposition.³

The proprietary research also shows that the typical plant-based consumer is a 25- to 40-year-old man of color with an affluent background.³

Cargill’s alternative protein solution
With its extensive research, insight and expertise, Cargill launched Crave House™. The brand serves both retail and foodservice customers looking for premium alternative protein options.

The plant-based products that fall under the Crave House™ name have crave-worthy taste, texture and appearance – all of which are top priority for the consumer. In fact, one-third of respondents noted in a recent survey that taste is a major influence on their likelihood to eat plant-based products.³

When looking for the ideal plant-based protein, consumers want simple labels. Crave House™ strives for minimal ingredients that answer this consumer demand. The products are gluten-free, vegetarian and have no artificial flavors or synthetic colors.

Crave House™ was founded with a comprehensive understanding of what the consumer is looking for:
healthy, tasty, simplified plant-based products. The Crave House™ selection is carefully crafted by expert Cargill chefs and fueled by a deep portfolio of culinary knowledge.

Cargill looks forward
Cargill recognizes and embraces the ebbs and flows of the industry and is quick to provide the solutions retail and foodservice customers demand to meet the needs of the consumer. As the trend toward alternative protein grows, Cargill is advancing both animal and alternative protein products to meet the expected 70% growth in global demand for protein over the next 30 years.³

Cargill is ready to use their extensive knowledge of the protein business to help lead the adoption of alternative proteins. And the creation of Crave House™ ties directly back to

Cargill’s purpose – to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

Want to learn more about Crave House™? Click here for more information or contact your Cargill representative…

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