Cargill Distribution Center

Logan, NJ

1145 Commerce Blvd
Swedesboro, NJ 08085

We’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service while fulfilling orders accurately and on time.

Our Logan, NJ location gives us convenient access to major cities, including Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, New York City and Washington DC.

Cargill proudly provides our retail and foodservice customers with high-quality, consistent protein products.


Rely on us for your product needs.

Cargill’s Logan, NJ distribution center has a primary focus in the following proteins:









Halal Beef

Cargill offers all major beef primals and subprimals.

Explore our wide range of high-quality beef products available in all USDA and Canadian grades.

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Guaranteed 5-day delivery to:

  • Boston
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • All of New Jersey
  • Philadelphia and surrounding areas
  • New York City and surrounding areas of the five boroughs


Services offered.

Logistics and Transportation

  • Improve your business’s operations with easy order fulfillment and on-time daily delivery
  • Optimize your business’s warehouse needs by leveraging our cross-docking opportunities
  • Reduce transportation and freight costs by leveraging our fleet of trucks
  • Open new supply chain options for your business through our access to emerging markets


  • Leverage our market insights team and products team to assist your buyers and operators
  • Work with our team of experienced account managers to develop a personalized program sale that show value for your business
  • Work with our sales and insights team to develop a strong market positioning via programs such as deep chilled or aging programs
  • Improve your business working capital tied in inventory management through SKU rationalization
  • Reduce time spent on accounts payables with multiple SKUs on a single invoice

1.8 million cubic feet of freezer and cooler capacity.

Our vast network brings you the consistently stocked case your shoppers expect. We pride ourselves on distribution excellence, industry-leading fill rates, accurate forecasting and automated logistics systems in our facilities, so you won’t have to worry about an empty case – and neither will your shoppers.

Our dedicated sales team works as one unit, providing the following benefits to our customers:

New product lines to drive growth
Potential to pull in products from across our portfolio and network EDI capability and rebates available

Cargill delivers great prices, quality products, on-time deliveries, excellent product presentation and even helps me make decisions that impact my business. I am very happy with the level of service provided.

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1145 Commerce Blvd
Swedesboro, NJ 08085

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